Focusing on a healthier me

I hate being sick. Scratch that, I loathe being sick. And while I often reserve feelings of loathing for things such as a burnt cup of coffee, I think the act of being sick makes my list. That feeling of vulnerability which takes over when you can’t control your body is awfully humanizing. For the last few years i’ve been struggling to improve my health, but I’m definitely on the way there.

I reflect back to my study abroad adventure in Morocco – an experience that had me “under the weather” more often than feeling healthy. Before my trip, and in a last ditch effort to prepare, I picked up two $2.99 bottles of multivitamins. My reasoning? Well, i’d be eating preservative-free and nutritionally sound food in Morocco and I didn’t want to spend money on buying anything extra, plus all multi-vitamins are the same! Fast forward one month and I’m doubled over in the Sahara Desert.

I was a burden on my friends as I maintained my sickness for the next 2+ months, but I was also doing myself a major disservice. By putting nutrient-less multi-vitamins into my body, I was opening myself up to further sickness.

Regaining a semblance of health was refreshing, but, of course, I could never count on staying healthy for too long. Considering I often run my body down with little sleep/rest, I became more susceptible to illness and simply blamed it on a shoddy immune system. Illnesses that would take friends a day or two to kick off took me a week. Still, I used large discount bottles of vitamins purchased at my local CVS or Costco to keep costs low.

Every other aspect of my life appeared very normal. I spent at least 30 minutes on most days exercising at the gym, biking to work, or going for runs. To the inconvenience of my friends and family, I focused much of my attention on my nutritional choices hoping that healthy food would make me feel better, and sometimes it did. I was becoming a health freak.

Finally, in October, I was plagued with a four day bug. Instead of spending a wonderful weekend with friends, I spent it on a Futon trying to regain my strength to stomach a sandwich. That was it – it was time to make a health change. I was sick of being sick.

But then again, I thought everyone must feel this way.

Seeking to replicate the decisions made by the healthier people in my life, I made my decision to switch from lower-quality Nature Made vitamins to Shaklee vitamins. And the way I have felt since the switch blows my mind – I have more energy than ever before.

Nothing will ever stop all illnesses, but with many diseases being highly preventable by health choices made in life, I’m taking my best stab at remaining healthy.  And yes, I do still get sick, but I bounce back faster as well.

While I still loathe the feeling of being hit by a bug that slows me down and makes me feel vulnerable, i’m glad that i’m moving my life in the right direction. By focusing on my health, i’m able to do more than I thought I would be able to do with more energy. I’m taking control of my life. Are you in the same boat?