That’s a lesson

At the end of December, my web host provider went down. Fortunately, I was receiving my site for free. Unfortunately, I didn’t save the theme file with all of my old blog posts.

I’ve learned my lesson and now i’m moving my blog to entirely. will merely function as a home for my personal details and information. Sure, i’m losing all SEO options, but i’m not trying to drive a ton of traffic anyways. should provide every opportunity I need.


Lesson learned


Yo, you’re so normal!

I like to assume that most people think they’re unique. Whether it’s a political stance, a lifestyle choice, an interest, a job, a hobby, we all think we’re a little strange.

I just finished “We Are All Weird” by Seth Godin and i’m not really sure how I feel about it. The short piece seems to assume that there is no completely normal person, yet we as humans attempt to lump people together in a way to create a norm.

Godin writes a poignant quote, “it’s human nature to be weird, but also human to be lonely,” and maybe this sums it all up. Humans are a bit bizarre, but we seek to normalize by watching the same shows and movies, having the same hobbies, and listening to the same music. 

He moves on to point out that “mass is not the center any longer.” Marketers need to stop thinking that people will conform to a norm since social media has made it easier for like minded “weird” individuals to find one another.

And then a scene from American Beauty came to my mind. In it, we have Mena Suvari portraying the popular girl that exaggerates her life yet people still idolize who is speaking with the weird guy, Wes Bentley.  


Mena Suvari’s character: “Yea? Well, at least i’m not ugly!”

Wes Bentley’s character: “Yes, you are. And you’re boring, and you’re totally ordinary, and you know it.” 


 And this is where i’m conflicted. I understand the premise of Godin’s book: we shouldn’t force conformity when there is so much out there weirdness out there that marketing to the norm will end up in failure. However, I can’t seem to grasp that we’re all as different as he says. Sure, i’m a little weird to be blogging about this, but what about all those other people watching “Homeland” or “Breaking Bad”? They’re not weird!

But I watch “Breaking Bad” and now i’m divided. Am I a little weird? I’d like to think so, however, i’m also conforming to the norm of this television hit and I alluded to a best picture earlier in the post. Maybe Godin wants us to consider this and have inner conflict? At the very least, he wants us to stop thinking that we’re all the same and start accepting our abnormalities through the formation of likeminded groups or tribes. 

Maybe we’re all a little weird. 

Election Hope

Avoiding the mistakes of Hurricane Katrina have been the first priority of President Obama this week, as they should be. Sure, he’s worried about an election, but showing responsibility for this storm is more powerful than any sort of campaigning he could do. 

It’s the president’s responsibility to be on the front lines, meet with those affected, and be there for his constituents. There should be no discrimination between liberal and conservative. Kudos to President 

Maybe a devastating situation like this will help us look past our hate for political opposites? Maybe politicians will start to debate climate change and the impact it has on our world instead of worthless quibble in an attempt to hear one’s own voice? Maybe now we’ll be united states? 

As this election season finally comes to a close, it’s time to take a step back and appreciate the USA for what it is. As citizens, we are born with a piece of paper that gives us more opportunity than any other citizen in the world. Let’s stop taking it for granted and unite. 

No excuses

I need to stop coasting. I’ve fallen into that pit where life just happens. Don’t worry, it’s not depression; it’s contentment. But i’m not at the point in my life where I want to be just content. 


It hit me as I plugged in a dual-monitor at work. And then it hit me again as I put in an order for Shaklee vitamins. I’ve been allowing myself to just float along and I haven’t been putting my best foot forward or trying my hardest. It’s no wonder I feel like i’m parked in neutral.


Whether it’s being slowed down by a single monitor or taking cheap vitamins, it’s time too take control. 


Too often in life i’ve heard that you need to pay your dues with time. I’m currently reading, among many books, “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Caro. While i’m still in the first half of the book about child geniuses, Ender’s profound ability to push against the current resonates in my head. Why can’t I do this?


No excuses. 


It’s time for me to be the best me. 


No excuses.


Are you coasting? 

Morning Workouts for Success

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to complete morning workouts. For one reason or another, laziness, i’ve kept to an afternoon or evening workout routine. Sure, i’ll be able to boost weight loss with an early morning workout, but anyone that knows me knows that I don’t really need to lose weight.

I was pumped last night in preparation of this mornings workout. But morning came too early and the snooze button looked so inviting… I was well on my way to avoiding the workout.

Fortunately, one of my roommates goes to the gym every morning and was preparing breakfast loudly enough to knock me out of my “snooze sleep”. If he can do it, why can’t I?


So why do I want to do morning workouts? 


I want to increase the time I exercise each day

I’ve been working out every Monday-Wednesday night for 30-45 minutes and biking to and from work. However, when weekends roll around, I tend to stay away from any sort of workout. I have been sporadically adding a Saturday workout in, but not enough. 

I want to increase success 

In the past, i’m still incredibly sluggish when I arrive to work. I log online and see what is going on in the world and then I get going. Coffee takes a little while to set in. I’ve been reading for a while that morning workouts make you more successful

I want to be happier

Shouldn’t this be what we all strive for? Exercise releases more dopamine, so bring on the happiness BEFORE work! 

Today’s morning workout felt a bit like coffee and I loved it! 

Am I more social when focusing on Klout?

Your Klout score may mean everything in social media. Well, not everything, but it means a lot. For all you social media fanatics, or even job searchers, this post is for you. 

Klout is a scoring system analyzing your activity on social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Tumblr, Instagram among others. 

Many social gurus and social freaks HATE Klout. They dislike it so much that they choose to opt out or consistently rant about how it’s ruining social media and relationship building. 

To be honest, I once shared that same mindset. 

My old mindset was this: Klout is ruining interpersonal relationships. Those concerned with their Klout score focus more on adding mass amounts of followers and less on maintaining relationships. 

People trying to game the system care more about the numbers than the interactions. 

It’s a great argument and one that isn’t wrong; it’s just incomplete.

WARNING: “social gurus and experts”, please close your eyes.

I’m guessing that if I focus on improving my Klout score, I will improve my score by at least 5 points and make new friends along the way. Will this make me a bad person that cares only about self improvement? No. It will signify that i’m sick of sitting around and waiting for individuals to come to me and show that i’m interested in creating and nurturing new relationships. 

It will accomplish the real aim of social media, which is to aid in social interactions. And maybe i’ll get some cool stuff from Klout, too! 

Watch out LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Stumble Upon, and WordPress. I’m coming for you. 

My goal is this: until December 10th rolls around, I will focus on raising my Klout score as much as possible. Each week I will provide an update with my score and with news of my progress, or lack of it, and tactics that i’ve found help. I’ll strengthen this Klout muscle.

Am I ridiculous for focusing on my Klout score?