Election Hope

Avoiding the mistakes of Hurricane Katrina have been the first priority of President Obama this week, as they should be. Sure, he’s worried about an election, but showing responsibility for this storm is more powerful than any sort of campaigning he could do. 

It’s the president’s responsibility to be on the front lines, meet with those affected, and be there for his constituents. There should be no discrimination between liberal and conservative. Kudos to President 

Maybe a devastating situation like this will help us look past our hate for political opposites? Maybe politicians will start to debate climate change and the impact it has on our world instead of worthless quibble in an attempt to hear one’s own voice? Maybe now we’ll be united states? 

As this election season finally comes to a close, it’s time to take a step back and appreciate the USA for what it is. As citizens, we are born with a piece of paper that gives us more opportunity than any other citizen in the world. Let’s stop taking it for granted and unite. 


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