Ridiculously Bold Predictions about iPhone, iPad, iPod and iLense

The phone and tablet are slowly merging. With rumors that the iPhone5 is going to feature a 4.6” retina display screen, our fears and desires are confirmed. What does this mean for technology and our mobile future?

I’m going to make some pretty bold predictions that I’ll bet my first-born on.

1. iPod Touch and iPad will become synonymous

What I mean hear is that they will no longer co-exist. The iPod touch was originally Apple’s answer to dedicated hand-held gaming consoles. The iPod shuffle will exist for running enthusiasts. The iPad will shrink, but the iPod Touch will expand.

2. Tablets and smartphones will converge at the 6”-7” mark.

Yes, the Kindle Fire is already there, but I’m saying more power than what is behind Amazon’s supposed “iPad Killer”. I’m saying the power of an iPad with the size of a Kindle.  Larger versions will still be available, but this new base model will be considered the new iPod

The screen will be large enough to type and read on, but it will be small enough to slip in a purse or murse (man purse).

3. The iPhone and the iPad will converge

But the iPod Touch and iPad already converged? This will to. The sizes of tablets and phones are converging. While Apple won’t be the first to do it, they will once again do it the best. The name will remain the iPhone for its functionality. We’ll call the new smartphone-pad line : Smartpads

4. All new smartpads will be equipped with a Bluetooth headset.

So this is how the change happens. All new smartpads will be equipped with Bluetooth headsets (or something close to it). These small headsets will be part of the actual body of the phone. You will remove them when walking and talking down the street.

5. With 4G, all calls will have the option to video chat

This is how smartpads will work. All smarpads will have high pixel cameras installed that allow for easy Skype style calls. 4G will become increasingly prevalent and make for more personal phone conversations.

6. Productivity won’t die.

All smartpads will be equipped with a thin Bluetooth keyboard that allows for work to be done at all times. Larger screen sizes will remain for those in need, but most mobile work will be done on the smaller tablets. This will be the end of the traditional laptop as we know it and a move to tablet based life.

7. These Google Glasses will bring upon the next revolution. iLense

Google’s revolutionizing mobile devices as we know it. If Apple hasn’t jumped in the game, it will. And what does this mean? Rough prediction… the end of the iPod shuffle and a move to iLense. Just put them on and you’re ready for your run.

The first business to find a way to nail this concept will be the early winner and trend setter.

The mobile experience is going through monumental changes as we see the transformation of the smartphone and the tablet: the iPhone and the iPad


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