Will Kony 2012 Trend End with Director Being Detained?

The fastest YouTube film to 100 million views, Kony 2012 caught the world by storm. Directed by Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell, the film publicizes the life of Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

The 30 minute film aimed to create a social movement that would make the name Kony synonymous with Hitler. The call-to-action was largely successful as news sources and people everywhere were talking about Kony.

While the facts and necessity for Joseph Kony’s fame have been debated, the one thing the campaign rise to fame truly showed was the impact of social media on social change. For once, people normally infatuate

d with reality TV saw something a little more realistic, the nature of third-world life.From a social media campaign standpoint, this was awesome! The video was faster to 100 million views through multiple videos than Susan Boyle’s 6 minute “I Dreamed a Dream”.

However, last night, Jason Russell seemingly giving into the stress of global attention was detained for allegedly for public masturbation, car vandalism, and possible intoxication.
The world is going crazy and will now judge Kony 2012 by its director’s actions and not for the message that it is trying to bring across.Kony 2012 is a movement that should not be overshadowed by this public indecency. Instead, Kony 2012 should be a time where individuals take a look at the atrocities occurring in the world and take a stand saying “this isn’t right. Let’s actually do something about it.”

I’m worried that something like this could be the downfall of such a potentially powerful movement.

What do you think? Will public distaste with this impact the Kony movement?


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