Words of Motivation from Twitter

Words of motivation can come from strange places; mine came from Twitter.

“What are you doing to follow your passion?” via @winetonite

These words emerged on my Twitter account “Home Feed” and I really had to ask myself that. What am I doing? Well, I just moved, didn’t I? Isn’t that enough?


While this post is more personal than one’s that i’ll normally write, it may become more commonplace.

On Saturday, I began the new phase of my life. I moved to Boston. I’ve been working in Boston for a couple months now,  but something just wasn’t right. My daily train commute of 4 1/2 hours was turning me into an irritable person that I didn’t want to be. So, I devised a plan to move to the city to gain back these precious moments of my life.

But that’s not enough

I think we’re our best and worst critic. Sometimes we elevate ourselves to thinking we are better than we are. I’m guilty of this. Conversely, we can think we are worse than we are. However, the person that motivates you need to be you. And that’s what I am going to do. It’s time to “push it to the limit”

If you want to be truly notable, you need to bring it into every aspect of your life. Mediocrity is done. Starting today, i’m no longer operating at 70%.

I’m challenging myself to become a better organizer, musician, employee, networker, guy on the street, friend, boyfriend, son

I’m challenging myself to become the best that I can be

What are you doing to follow your passion?


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