To use or or to blog?

It’s not necessary for me to state the necessity for someone in PR to blog. However, I find myself divided between the platform to use

I’m bias. I love WordPress. To me, Blogger lacks the interface and Tumblr is for people that personally blog (and not for business) On the one hand, I want to fully be in control of my fate, hence . I bought the domain and I can control my fate. I can advertise (though trying to grab a quick buck is worthless to me… blog idea…) and I can make the site fully accessible. However, I do not get the same reach as my blog of I’ll have much less control and I will need to pay even more a month. I already have and changing the domain would be a headache. I like having a web site over just a blog. Plus, my current layout on looks awful

My decision will probably be something closer to domain mapping, taking my current blog and linking it to my website. I may buy a theme update as a way to make it more appealing, but not yet

This is probably my worst blog post ever, but it’s a debate i’m sure that others have


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