9 Tips and Tricks for Entry PR Employment

Are you looking for tips, tricks, and advice for finding entry level PR employment after graduation? Assuming your college biography mentions multiple internships, a PR degree, a vast network, and incredible writing experiences, you may stand a chance of finding a job. Realistically, your resume isn’t that complete. While the economy is starting to turn around, it’s time to stop making excuses for why you’re still unemployed and to start taking action. The following tips and tricks are what I found game-changing when searching for employment.

1. What is Success for you? Strategize the skills needed to succeed

Waking up and magically finding new skills is a fantasy story. The best skills and characteristics are earned over time. Make a list of traits you want to possess and work towards them.

Mine included the following:

  • Create a large network
  • Harness my drive in a productive direction
  • Craft Social Media experience
  • Develop my writing skills

2. Use Facebook for Business

If you’re like 800 million people in the world, you have a Facebook account. However, most people lose sight that a Facebook account could be detrimental to a job search. For my current position, I need to put my Facebook account link in my email. This means that current and potential clients have the opportunity to view my account. Is your Facebook account ready for business scrutiny?

3. Maximize Your LinkedIn Potential

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Gandhi

How many connections do you have on LinkedIn? If you want a job, make LinkedIn your weapon. Everyone on LI is looking to network, plus who doesn’t like the feeling of accepting another request to connect? Upon joining a new LinkedIn group, search and see if there is an “open to networking” thread started within the group, put your name on the list, and send connection requests and messages to everyone. Better yet, if no one has done this, be the change and start the thread. I’ve received hundreds of connections this way. Instead of waiting for your next job offer, reach out and network with others.

4. Tweet and Meet

Possibly the most game changing social network out there, Twitter essentially allows you to interact (tweet) with influential and successful people without a divider. The lifespan of a tweet is 1-2 minutes, so be sure to tweet often. And when I say tweet, I don’t mean to half-ass it and tweet once a day for a week. I mean going out and interacting with others. Think of it as a conversation; would you respond a week later to a person that was expecting a response within 10 minutes? Participate in Twitter chats, ask questions, post relevant material, and add others. Success does NOT come to those that sit around and wait. If you can find one, go to a “Tweet Up” (a networking event for Twitter users) and meet others.

5. Start a Blog

I’ll be blunt. The only way to make it in PR is with exceptional writing skills. In school, everyone preached that writing skills were necessary. Instead, I worked on my social skills (not the worst thing, but I should have balanced it). Upon graduation and without a job, I decided it was finally time to start writing. I blogged poorly, but I blogged. Not to discredit many bloggers out there, but there is a science to getting your articles read. I’ll cover this at a later date. Finally, someone advised me to…

6. Buy yourname.com

In my case, andyclinkman.com (Andrewclinkman.com was taken).

Why would I do this?

  • It becomes a living portfolio to show potential employers
  • Having a blog, especially one that your name is linked to, shows a certain amount of confidence. It says to others, I’m not afraid to write and let you know exactly who I am.
  • There is the (unlikely) potential to get paid to write

Buying your domain name and writing may cost time and money, but how badly do you want to succeed? Get away from having a blog address such as aclinkman.wordpress.com or Tumblr and Blogger addresses. Own your ideas

7. Network

In every setting, think about networking with others. Don’t be overly aggressive about it, but make an effort to meet and help others. You never know when that connection will come back and help you. I have many extraordinary people in my quest to network. I have helped a few people out and been helped by so many gracious people that I feel indebted to and that I will help if the opportunity arises

Unlike for previous generations, we now have an obvious social rolodex. People can visually see how many connections you have in your life. Networking on social networks may make your net worth more worthwhile.

8. Intern

I didn’t do this and I’m kicking myself for it. I’d ask myself, why the hell would I want to offer free services to a business? That pride kept me without a job for months. Therefore, I co-created a small social media firm as a way to develop much-needed experience. While this was instrumental in my personal development, becoming an intern would have been timelier.

9. It’s a Numbers Game

Finding employment is a numbers game. You may send 100 applications and not receive a response and on the 101 receive an interview. My recommendation is to constantly give your resume a facelift and test the waters. I made 5 completely different resume styles in my search.

That is not to say you shoot spray your resume around. Definitely cater your resume, but don’t take it personally if you don’t receive an interview

The tips and tricks to successfully find a PR job aren’t a secret, instead, they are  reiterated and proven advice that you’ve been receiving all along.


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