6 Social Media Resolutions for 2012

2012: Year for Your Social Media Resolutions

1. Be a first responder

The old adage “success comes to those that wait” is not always true. The people that jump on the bandwagon or jump before it often benefit in social media. Think of Facebook. If you waited until now to join Facebook, you and your business are already behind in the game. The people that take necessary risks succeed

2. Slow and Steady…

…wins the social media race. Companies that expect to crush their competition within a month of using social media need not apply. We have all heard that “social media is a marathon and not a race”. To win a marathon, you need to learn to outlast and out train your competition. You won’t have a viral video or Twitter account overnight; it took Justin Bieber a while to become successful.

3. Tweet 20 Times a Day

Maybe some of your friends will unfollow you, but if they are real friends then this shouldn’t matter. Ask yourself, what do you want to get done on Twitter? Do you want to create and maintain relationships? How will you get this done without maintaining a constant stream of contact?

4. Blog 3 Times a Week

Most people shy away from creating content online. A minority of people produce content and even fewer produce content worth sharing. It’s better to write often than to not write at all

5. Re-Assess Facebook

Sure, updating a Facebook Timeline will make a difference, but so will changing the way Facebook is used. Timeline has radically changed the way to view Facebook (Hubspot).

6. Maximize Google+ and LinkedIn

Make an effort to remain active on both networks. Google has enough money to make Google+ work. Think of it as the NBA’s Miami Heat. So much money and talent is poured in that Google+ and the Heat are destined to be successful.

LinkedIn is truly a resource that should be used by anyone and everyone. Take the time to network and add people that you know. Join some groups and create relationships. LinkedIn is a tool unlike any other, so stop comparing it as an adult Facebook.


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