Your Auto DM is Spam

To be blunt, I hate receiving “Auto-DMs” from new followers on Twitter

For those wondering a DM, or Direct Message, is the act of sending a private message to a person that reciprocates your friendship on Twitter; think of it as a personal email in 140 characters or less. Finding a way to hit a larger audience, Twitter users often automate their DMs by sending them to any new follower they find. These messages wreak of mass production and are similar to spam emails.

Many times, these messages come from “Social Media Professionals”, however, I imagine that they will be the first to admit how unprofessional these annoyances are.

“hey thanx for the add!! friend me as a friend on facebook, i would love to connect with you.”

“Welcome! Check out my personal account geared to internet marketing. I’ll even give you one of my eBooks FREE! ->”

“Hi and thank you for the follow. Be nice to meet you over at FB too”

“Thank you for following, to learn more visit our website at and please “Like” us on Facebook at

“Hey there! Let’s take this conversation beyond 140 characters. Join me on FB as well –”

Can you say  ?
But, I hold my hand. I’ve overlooked their ridiculous messaging system. Do I want to add them on Facebook/LinkedIn when I have NEVER had a dialogue with them on the initial medium? No. I’m not ready to “take this conversation beyond 140 characters.”

I was recently read UnMarketing by Scott Stratten and this quote resounded in my head “asking me to join you on another social networking site when we just met on a different one, is like meeting me at a networking event and immediately asking me to go to a different one. I haven’t eve figured out if you’re creepy yet or not”

Twitter is about creating relationships. Sure, we all have busy lives and auto messaging someone is a way to get our message out to let people know that we “appreciate” their connection. But how hard is it to simply fill in the person’s name and say “Thanks for following, I appreciate your reciprocation”?

Recently, @tressalynne wrote me a message 

Was the message copy and pasted? Probably, but the fact that she wrote my name in made me think that this is a twitter relationship I want to work with. This is how its done.

If you don’t have the time to slightly personalize this message due to the large volume of followers you get a day, then don’t do it. You can use Tweet Spinner, but please be careful. Remember, Twitter is a tool that allows us to socialize, not spam each other.

And what about TrueTwit Validation? “Don’tFollowMe uses TrueTwit validation service. To validate click here:” Don’t even get me started.

That’s the  recipe


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