Trying to Win an Election? Assess Your PR

We have the big “Election 2012” coming up and both sides are gearing up for a fight. Fox News feels it is their part to do anything to rip into the current president, and most other media sources spend their time dragging down the GOP candidates. One day Bachmann is leading the race, the next it is Rick Perry, Rick Perry loses support and the hardline GOP support goes to Herman Cain. Will it be Gingrich’s/Paul’s/Huntsman’s turn next? Meanwhile, Romney continues existing

If you haven’t been living under a rock, Herman Cain’s camp has been dealing with a bunch of sexual harassment cases surfacing thanks to the help of his political contenders.

WHO is advising Herman Cain’s PR? Honestly, it’s awful.

There have been a bunch of PR gurus criticizing Cain’s uncertainty in the situation. All he needs to do is go up there and say whether or not a certain allegation is true, stick to his story, and be truthful. I hope he will actually set the record straight today. Politicians are unfortunately known as being corrupt, he can’t let this further tarnish his image. The same goes for any candidate of an election. If there is something damaging that could come out to hurt you, let the public know.

If Romney, Cain, Bachmann, Perry, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Santorum are true Americans, they should use their TV/Social Media time to help others today and not just if elected in the future. They are all running on negative platforms. I don’t see anything positive coming out in the news about new ways to promote America, rather, it’s how Obama is failing the country. Once again, who is running these election campaigns?

President Obama

On the other side, Obama’s handling the primary pretty well. The Republicans can’t decide on a candidate, although it will inevitably be Romney, and are ripping themselves apart. As long as Obama doesn’t do anything stupid, he’s in a good situation for reelection. His tour promoting his jobs bill has been decently received. Furthermore, his social media presence is very positive

You know what would make his case for reelection even better, besides saving the economy of course?

If Obama said, “hey, my salary is only going to be the average US salary from now on”, he would instantly be reelected. Obviously, his financial situation is never going to be an issue; when he leaves office, all he needs to do is write another book and rake in the funds. Why not donate all but the $22 thousand towards cutting the deficit (I know 380k or so isn’t much money) or reduce the pay that future presidents receives when the nation is in debt? This will speak both volumes for the president and be worth much more than donating the money earned towards a political campaign. Obviously, the extra 150k in expenses that Obama receives, plus the other perks, will allow him to live luxuriously, but it’s the thought that counts.

What can you learn from this?

  • If you’ve done something stupid, come out with it before someone else does
  • While today is election day (not primary day) in many states, future campaigns should learn that giving a little money will go a lot farther than additional spending. I’m sick of reading Romney’s promotional tweets.
  • Social Media is changing elections so try focusing, not just on the negative, but on the positive. I know that Nevada has high unemployment, instead of telling me this, let me know how y0u will cause the USA to flourish @mittromney

One thought on “Trying to Win an Election? Assess Your PR

  1. I like this article. One of the biggest things that even small companies make the mistake of is refusing to acknowledge their mistakes. With how small the internet has made the world, this advise can be used for companies who receive a bad Yelp Review, or any other kind of negative press online. I’ve personally seen too many cases where a negative customer was won over for LIFE to say that simply ignoring the issue will make it go away.

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