To Tweet on Your Resume or Not to Tweet?

Yesterday, I tweeted, “Writing a blog entry about twitter handles on resumes. Thoughts?” and received varying responses. 

@tcmassie: @jonathanyantz @aclinkman I even have my twitter handle on my business cards. It’s another way of reaching me. You already know that. 🙂

@jonathanyantz : @aclinkman I think if it’s professional & you tweet about your industry pretty often, go for it-I did. Might help employer get to know you.

@asabilia:@aclinkman I once saw a resume w/ blog listed. Blog was about life & “bad-for-you-food” author eats on weekends. Not the best impression!

Long gone are the days of hiding our secrets. There are well-known cases of job searchers walking into interviews and being asked by HR to open up his or her Facebook account and consequently not receiving the position.

So, should we put our twitter handles in our resume?

Reasons for it:

You’re a writer– Tweets are a sample of your writing style. If you are a writer, you should take any opportunity to show off your skills.

You’re looking to make marketing, or public relations a profession – Your employer needs to how you market and promote materials. After all, your name will be a representation of the company.

You want a customer service position – your ability to work with people in situations is key. If you consistently get in fights on Twitter, how strong are your interpersonal skills?

Reasons against it;

Everyone else is doing it – I’m not sure the last time that a finance company wanted to hear what an accountant had to say about politics. If anything, the less attention you bring to yourself the better. Instead, post your LinkedIn information. It will allow employers to see that you are open to new ideas, but professional at the same time.

You send less than 10 tweets a week – Don’t pay much attention to the number. Rather, are your tweets worthwhile? If you tweet about your kitten sitting on your lap, that’s cute; however, make sure there is more oomph to your posts than your kitten.

You tweet about highly controversial topics – the exception being if the company has a belief system that is in line with your own. If the company you are looking to work for believes in oil drilling and using whale blubber as oil, then you probably shouldn’t post about your feelings on eco-terrorism.

Trying to hide your twitter could be problematic:

@joeycarmello: @aclinkman one less thing a recruiter will find out about you on
their own.

@ewozencroft Yuppppp> @joeycarmello: @aclinkman one less thing a recruiter will find out about you on their own.

If you tweet inappropriately or incorrectly and try to hide it, your tweets will be found. Just don’t highlight your twitter account if someone could easily take a tweet the wrong way! I’ve made this mistake and I’ve learned to write cleaner, less argumentative tweets.

My advice is this; analyze your twitter and what you are saying. If you believe in saying what comes to your mind, don’t be surprised when someone gets upset with you. Own your brand, but own it in a way that it wouldn’t embarrass your parents. If you are concentrating on getting your “Crunk Badge” don’t link your Foursquare . Actually, never bring your phone to a bar and tweet, unless you want to be on the Jersey Shore.

Recruiters, how often do you look through someone’s tweets?

Thanks for the post idea, @OmegaPlatinum


2 thoughts on “To Tweet on Your Resume or Not to Tweet?

  1. Nice post Andy! This is a challenging topic, especially in my industries. I am a sports reporter now and many of my colleagues are putting their twitter accounts on their card that are strictly for work purposes only. I also have a twitter account for my own blog, which focuses on wedding planning, and I try to not have any interaction on it unless it is work related (that’s why everyone should have a personal twitter too). I did just get my business cards for the blog/company but have yet to put a twitter on it. The only good thing today is that you can now link Facebook/Blog to your twitter so you can easily post at least 10 tweets a week without even logging into twitter!

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