Job Search: What’s your first step? Scam Search

Jobs are a numbers game, and I can’t begin to estimate the time I’ve spent searching for employment. Each day, I spend at least 4 hrs researching potential employers in the northeastern USA. I have learned about companies that I never knew existed, their business, and their failures. Unfortunately, I have made an error along the way, and I want to share that with you.

My error was not first doing a simple Google search on a potential employer. Before writing this, I spent two hours adjusting a resume and writing a cover letter to send to an international PR firm. It wasn’t until I was about to submit this information that I Googled “Company Name Scam”.

The power of Web 2.0 is incredible. The days of blindly applying for jobs are over. This message is echoed throughout Gary Vaynerchuk’s

Job Seekers, there are multiple websites that can help you find out information about potential employers. From a simple Google search to, to, feedback from fellow searchers and current/past company employees is vital, game changing information.

Job Givers, please do not bury the invaluable information provided online about your company. Be transparent and work to correct any errors you have made in the past. If there are organized groups against you (i’m thinking work to protect your consumer and employees. As a job seeker, I’m not applying to companies with questionable ethics that are not working to improve themselves.


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