ESPN Fantasy Football Failure

Why does ESPN continue to use an antiquated format for its Fantasy Football leagues?

It is dull, boring, and appears as if a new HTML user, such as myself, created the interface for the page. Now, I know that it required a bit more skill than I have, but take a look at the page and my fantasy football team.

I am a fan of fantasy football for many reasons

Reason 1. I don’t need to be a diehard fan of any particular team
Reason 2. It gives me something to talk about with coworkers and friends
Reason 3. It feels awesome when I dominate my friends in a game which I know little about the intricacies of actual sports
Reason 4. There is a small chance that I could make some money playing my friends

What is ESPN doing correctly?

1.When player names are clicked, there is much more information available than that from Yahoo. The insight is more complete than from its competitor

What is ESPN doing wrong?

1. Player names are highlighted by an html like link which you click as information is provided. (Once the name is clicked, more information is provided than what Yahoo provides, however, ESPN should seek to be the leader in fantasy sports).
2. ESPN’s simplistic HTML nature is a pain and bother for the eyes
3. The colors are way off
4. Yahoo has the drag and drop down to a science. The act of “moving” players is an annoyance. I don’t want to see the move option

Results? Why does Yahoo have the number 1 spot on Google for an SEO search of Fantasy Baseball and Hockey? ESPN, the sports leader, leads only Fantasy Football. It falls again to Yahoo on Fantasy Basketball. If it were not for my friends being on ESPN, I would recommend we switch my current football league to the user friendly Yahoo Fantasy page.

Another of my fantasy leagues is soon to switch over to ESPN’s interface.A few quotes from my friends…

“Really ESPN… boo”
“ESPN is @#$%”
“Why ESPN?”

This is a hindrance to users and I hope that ESPN will remedy this user unfriendliness in the future and that I can continue to master fantasy football. Perhaps ESPN should poll its users?


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