You Should Draft Me

I could be the next Baseball Hall-of-Famer

(Beware of my baseball analogy)

Unfortunately, there are no minor league employment teams in the business world where we get to try out skills. Instead of companies scouting talent, they look for the talent to come to them. Sadly, these companies will lose out.

Think of it this way. The next Albert Pujols, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, or Cal Ripken Jr. could be available a mouse click away. Would you pass up the opportunity to meet and draft this person because your company relies more on referrals than pure scouting?

Of course not. You would contact them and see what skills they could provide

Many recent graduates that are without work will sit around wondering why a job will not come to them. I did that and look where it got me. Here. Writing about unemployment.

I ask, “What is going to propel me forward?”

It has to be me and it will be. This is why I have been attempting to network with anyone I can. But this is not enough.

Each day, I am going to continue to develop my own skills in multiple areas.

1. HTML. In this age, it is unacceptable for a PR or marketing specialist to be unable to grasp web design

2. Photoshop. Ditto to my reason for HTML. Social media gurus without the ability to sit down and edit a photo will not find themselves employed for very long.

3. Fantasy Football. With the lockout looking closer to ending, it is time for me to be able to harness my fantasy football skills and win some leagues. Well-rounded candidates are essential for a company.

4. Personal Health. Recently, I’ve entered my health craze. Going to the gym every other day, pondering triathlons, eating unprocessed foods are some thoughts that are going through my head.

5. New & Current Social Media. There are no social media experts. Even those with hundreds of thousands of followers are still learning. Social media is always changing. My proof, Google+

6. Current Events. It is imperative that every professional know what is going on in the world

I will continue to improve my skills daily and make myself into a better and more knowledgeable leader. If you were the owner of a baseball team, would you take a small investment by contacting a future thought leader or not and allow them to go to a competing team.

Your company should draft me


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