Unemployment. A time to learn

I should be paid to apply for jobs. I am writing more pages in cover letters than I did my last semester of college. I spend hours a day learning about hiring procedures, new inventions, court cases, and locations of things that are not completely applicable to me. I see insurance companies and sales positions out there trying to snag up recent college grads and place them on a commission-based salary only. I know more about companies than the employees that work at them. It is a mixed blessing.

At first it may seem discouraging as my funds are depleting and I am part of the large percentage of unemployed students. Countries from Ghana to the UK to the USA all share in this problem of unemployment. As unemployment causes some to riot, such as the February 20 Movement in Morocco, , I don’t foresee this happening in America. As many of my friends are “enjoying” their prolonged vacation, I am looking to continue improving myself.

I am treating this unemployment situation in a positive light and this is allowing me to discover more than I expected. I am learning about myself, the risks I am willing to take, and types of employment than I am expecting. I am studying basic HTML and Photoshop, things that I was ill prepared for after college. As I am looking to move to the tri-state area, I am studying the geographical locations of the many companies I am investigating and their distance from Manhattan. Additionally, I am improving my networking and interviewing skills thanks to the use of the Marist Network. Many alumni have received emails and LinkedIn messages from me asking about their employers, interviewing skills, and opportunities available. This useful feedback will help me blow future interviews out of the water.

There is one question that I always ask

Which is more important: an experienced candidate or a candidate excited for experience?

The answer is always the same. People would prefer someone willing to learn than someone that is obstinate worker

To me, it’s simple. I am a recent graduate with more to prove and therefore I am willing to work harder, longer, and for less pay than an experienced employee. The company wins – they obtain a new employee willing to do what is necessary for cheaper. I win – I find employment.

Unfortunately, I have met few companies that are willing to take a limited risk/high reward chance. I know that I possess the drive to be a great leader. Please take a chance


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