Graduation… well, almost. And I know I’ll have plenty of time

And the countdown is on! In 11 hours, I will be lining up with my fellow Marist grads near Lowell Thomas. What thoughts are going through my head?

1. Ow! I injured my hand on a spatula when it slid under my nail, fun stuff.

2. I’m tired. Today’s graduation rehearsal should not have come the day after senior formal.

3. I’m nervous. I don’t have a job lined up, and hanging out with my parents, while fun, may get a bit old once I arrive back from my post-graduation travels and experiences at Carnegie Hall.

4. I want it over with. I’ve spent the last 2 months dwelling on the idea of not being in this surreal experience any longer. My musical performances are almost done, my friends are scurrying to find jobs (some are competing with me for the same jobs), others are planning to go to grad school. The fun of college ended two months ago.

I want this weird anticipation of graduation to end. While the destruction of mankind (the rapture) is supposedly imminent, I am led to believe that there is happiness and excitement beyond the walls of Marist College. Many have graduated before me and lived fulfilling lives afterwards. I am sure I can do the same:)


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